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The partnership beetween Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency (HFDA) and Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (CNMI) goes back to August 2018, when the parties made a strategic agreement to help Hungarian fashion industry players in entering international markets.

As a part of this agreement they have established the CNMI x HFDA Mentoring Program, which have already opened up new international perspectives for many brands. The main indicator of its success is that designers who have completed the program, now have a wider export base and a proven position on foreign markets as well. The most defining part of the program is the participation at Milano Fashion Week which brings the long-awaited breakthrough for numerous designers.

Besides knowledge transfer and newcomer support, the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency provides an important international network by creating and supporting professional opportunities for talented Hungarian brands under the agency’s umbrella brand named Budapest Select.

This season seven Hungarian brands launch their collections on the road of to foreign expansion under Budapest Select brand name: ABODI, CUKOVY, Elysian, Kata Szegedi, NINI, ZIA budapest and ALMA. @hfdagency #BudapestSelect