Időtlen alapdarabok: C I T Y L E G A C Y 2.0

Timeless base parts: C I T Y L E G A C Y 2.0

The autumn-winter runway collection is for those who enjoy the urban environment, yet strive for sustainability, and with their appearance they want to reflect their individuality and say. They want to stand out and not stand out, emphasizing their always vibrant but conscious lifestyle.

As a result, ZIA Budapest is constantly striving to make the world easier and more livable - as long as it reaches a fashion brand. Sustainability, regardless of drop and collection, is the number one consideration for a brand, from material use through manufacturing processes to sales.

The CITYLEGACY 2.0 AW '2223 collection was no different, which was, of course, even the brand's number one: thanks to its universal cut lines and sleek style, the pieces are timeless. High quality and timelessness allow your clothes to be an essential part of your wardrobe, even for a lifetime. Designer Anett Csizmazia goes back to the roots of ZIA Budapest, so the collection was born from a fusion of basic pieces and bestsellers, combined with the vibe of ZIA Budapest: classic, masculine pieces mixed with feminine and vintage elements in neutral and earthy tones, all in neutral and earth tones. covered in shades.

We got used to the exciting oversized silhouettes from the brand, from which the creation of genderless pieces was just one step away. With the runway collection, three non-neutral looks have been debuted from kimonos and signature materials, allowing for an even more sustainable collection that is not limited by anatomical differences.

What else can make a collection environmentally conscious? The brand has been thinking about mini drops since this season, with the exception of the two runway collections a year. These pieces are heavily limited, and the premium materials are even more exclusive than usual, with eco viscose, silk and boiled wool appearing, for example. The materials come from Europe and the design and production takes place in Budapest.

CITYLEGACY 2.0 was also presented to Serbian audiences in the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana, at the Novi Sad Showcase and at the Serbian Fashion Week.

All runway photos can be found here, and pieces from the collection will be available for pre-order from mid-July at ZIA budapest webshop on .

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