Why do we design in the spirit of slow fashion?


ZIA Budapest is a monitoring brand that is constantly building itself and its environment. We strive with our whole being to make the world a more livable and beautiful place for everyone.

Our basic principle is to avoid impulsive purchases from our lives, and to encourage our customers to make as thoughtful decisions as possible. Our goal is to create a versatile, timeless wardrobe that makes everyday life easier thanks to pieces that can be easily combined, but is also sufficiently prepared for more special occasions. An ideal ZIA Budapest wardrobe is conscious and does not blindly follow rapidly changing and often fleeting trends, yet reacts practically to current fashion. That's why the drops we've dreamed up are built from clean basic pieces, which we subtly complement with well-established trends: elements that won't lose their relevance even after years. In addition to these, oversized silhouettes are not only responsible for comfort, but are also more sustainable, since anatomical differences are less prevalent in oversized styles.


We do not manufacture stock, and we always buy enough material to produce the specified limited number of pieces. It is important to us that the textiles we use consist of high-quality raw materials, which is why we only source them from European companies. Among others, from Italy and Greece, but we also often use so-called 'deadstock' materials. These are already manufactured material ends by some manufacturers, which are flawless and thus get a chance for a further life. We also prefer the zero waste tailoring technique, and we have been making various accessories from the remaining materials for a long time - accessories, scrunchies, scarves. Furthermore - every small step counts a lot at the end of the day - we try to solve visual communication online, but if it is still necessary, we only use recycled paper.


Our company works together with a local Hungarian sewing shop, thereby also supporting small domestic businesses and monitoring the production process. As a result, all our pieces are made precisely and with due care. In contrast to fast fashion, in such a situation we can be sure that the workers will make the pieces we dream of under suitable conditions and for a fair wage.


One of ZIA Budapest's aspirations is to bring together a community that builds and inspires each other, where people with similar views and ways of thinking can move together towards a more conscious life - which starts with very small steps.

Csizmazia Anett is the founder, creative and dreamer of the brand. The design assistant, Diáno Janó, is a student of the Industrial Product and Design Engineering department of Óbuda University and has been expanding our team for 1 year. Viktória Rozgonyi - employed designer - is the head of VICTORIA ROZGONYI Bridalwear.

The ZIA Budapest vibe is of course not only made up of our team: we create our world together with customers and well-known domestic people. Among others, Lilu, Angéla Eke, Böbe Szécsi, Laura Döbrösi and Zita Debreczeni wore our pieces at various events and on stage. They are also vanguards of a conscious, sustainable lifestyle, drawing attention to its urgent importance.