The Brand

Quality, timeless staples in the spirit of slow fashion: ZIA Budapest is aimed at those who enjoy urban life but strive for sustainability. They want to stand out and not stand out, thereby emphasizing their always bubbly but conscious lifestyle and individuality.

The brand was founded by Anett Csizmazia in 2017 and quickly became a favorite of many. The name was born from the surname of the designer; the last three letters. This name is also a family legacy, as Anett's husband's father used this nickname during his university years.

ZIA Budapest high street style pieces represent a timeless style: they design basic pieces that will last a lifetime with the wearer, both thanks to the quality materials and the timeless design. The brand reflects on trends in a practical way, thoughtfully and subtly weaving individual elements of current fashion into the collection. Classic and clean pieces, which are still ready for a more special event at any time, remaining on the ground of reality and functionality.

The goal of ZIA Budapest is not to be just another fashion company that joins the already too long line of fashion brands, but to create real value. That is why, from the very beginning, they have been working under slow fashion and are constantly looking for the most environmentally conscious solutions possible. They use high-quality, natural materials, and they also like to work with "deadstock" - some manufacturers' flawless but remaining material end(s) - textiles, and in addition to these, they prefer the zero waste tailoring technique whenever possible.

The brand has never produced a set, so that there are always as many pieces as there is actually demand for them. From 2022, the limited collections will be limited drops, thus also trying to go against the wasteful philosophy dictated by fast fashion.

ZIA Budapest has already debuted its new products at several fashion weeks - BCEFW, LJFW, MQVFW, SFW - it is present in several international concept stores, and the offline and online press are happy to report on them, and use the brand's pieces in for editorial and other fashion materials.

Minimalist, versatile must-have pieces designed for an urban but conscious lifestyle.