AW '21/22

C I T Y L E G A C Y AW '2122 collection

We live in a cosmopolitan city, but our instincts would like to return to a more natural, authentic world, where we were not surrounded by many things and everything was lighter and brighter. ZIA Budapest is constantly building and monitoring itself. Throughout our manufacturing process, we focus on making the world a more beautiful and better place. We make timeless and high-quality pieces, so these clothes will forever be a part of your wardrobe. We believe that buying a ZIA designer piece is a good investment in sustainability and trend, thus pushing fast fashion into the background.

Sometimes one step back can mean two steps in the right direction.

The C I T Y L E G A C Y collection is a journey back to the roots. This embodies our true love for clean, masculine, oversized, vintage lines with intricate feminine details. Sustainable and conscious through timeless design and ethical practices.

Each piece is available in limited quantities.

Designed and made in Budapest.

ph.: Marci Kecskés