ZIA BUDAPEST is the first Hungarian high street style brand, which was founded by Anett Csizmazia in 2017, and since then, in addition to the domestic fashion week, it has also visited the Milan, Ljubljana and Vienna fashion weeks.

His 2021 summer collection also favors minimalist, easy-to-combine pieces, which consist of timeless styles that, according to the designer, will continue to function as staple pieces in our wardrobe for many years to come.

With the SS21 collection, I want to bring the urban life full of expectations a little closer to a more accepting nature, drawing a parallel with the fact that women are perfect with their imperfections.

For this collection, the founder worked together with a textile designer from Hungary, Luca Fülöp, with whom they created the logo of their sustainable policy, which symbolizes for them nature combined with urbanity. The logo will be used on all wearable pieces in the future, in the ss21 collection, the designer paints the pieces by hand, so the logo preserves its natural imperfection.

More organic materials are used in the collections. In their pieces, they combine the light oversize style with pieces that emphasize the beauty of the female body, without forgetting the timeless style and functionality. Bohemian style kimonos, elegant maxi dresses and their keypiece pieces will also appear in a slightly new guise.

This collection marks the debut of the ZIA beach collection with swimwear and beachwear made from recycled materials.

Discreetly, effortlessly, the collection stands out from the crowd, emphasizing the self-accepting woman who enjoys the hustle and bustle of city life but doesn't forget to reconnect with nature, which is why this slogan echoes on some basic pieces: "I'm a brutally soft woman.”

In terms of colors, white, beige, ocher yellow and black play a key role.

The special accessories of the collection will be raw crystals and stones, which best represent the brand's message with their perfect imperfection. Necklaces are made in collaboration with jewelry designer Franziska Németh and other home decors from these stones and minerals.

Established: 2017

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