AW '20/21

K I L L E R  Q U E E N

Z I A Budapest's 2021 autumn/winter collection is a more extroverted continuation of the 2020 summer collection, where the minimalist, street style line and key elements were approached from the shiny side of the vintage atmosphere, drawing from the life and work of Freddy Mercury and inspired by the band QUEEN.

ZIA's "killer queen" collection wants to show that by embracing ourselves and wearing unisex pieces, we can still be feminine and attractive while accepting ourselves.

The pieces of the collection can be perfect for everyone, regardless of their shape, skin color or sexual identity. We get a cool feeling of life from ZIA in terms of color and material use, but we don't forget about the basic pieces that can be combined well. The environmentally conscious year 2020 gave ZIA the opportunity to really evoke Freddy Mercury at the beginning of a new decade using "deadstock" materials.

All pieces are available in limited editions.

Designed and made in Budapest.