3 must-have ruhadarab a tavaszi-nyári szezonra

3 must-have garments for the spring-summer season

The easy-to-pair, timeless basic pieces are the essence of ZIA Budapest. Most drops consist of such must-have pieces that we can keep in our wardrobe for many years, even a lifetime. In this blog post, we will now show you which of the three ZIA Budapest pieces we would have a hard time imagining the spring-summer season.


The airy OVERSIZE CRUZ SHIRT is the epitome of summer lightness. Comfortable, lightweight wear that is elegant due to its delicate fall, yet the oversize silhouette and deep back cut make it casual. You can also find 100% silk, black muslin , white muslin and patterned versions.


Have you ever considered wearing your favorite one-piece swimsuit in town? If you haven't already, it's time to give it a try! Wear it like a cotton bodysuit, for which you can choose a skirt or pants and optionally an extra top layer! This way you can make even better use of your swimsuit and see how well it will wear on the hottest summer days.


The kimono is one of our favorite pieces of clothing, it is no coincidence that it gets a place in every drop. We couldn’t imagine summers without them, they’re so versatile. This overlapping, binding piece can be worn as a dress, or simply as the extra, last layer of a set, but even more than perfect for home wear. Choose nude or gray!

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