ZIA Budapest starts the season with an exciting new product: the Back to Work drop is made up of pieces that tastefully combine office chic and urban, modern comfort.

The pieces of the new drop are just as appropriate for urban everyday life as they are for more special occasions, when a long working day is followed by a spontaneous evening program.

The color palette is true to the brand: mostly black and beige shades, broken by burgundy and blue pieces, livened up with exciting patterns. Key pieces such as the ROCKAWAY RAINCOAT and its complementary pair, the ROCKAWAY BUCKET HAT, arrive this time. These two animal print pieces will be an outfit statement separately, but worn together they create an unforgettable signature look. The ROCKAWAY 2.0 MINI OVERSIZE SHIRT was born from the further development of this pattern, which evokes retro patterns in their heyday again, yet is modern and ageless, and thanks to the loose, easy fit, it looks good on everyone. Of course, we don't have a shortage of kimonos this time either: the blue and black WRAP MINI KIMONO is made of knitted cotton material, which celebrates home comfort, yet is ideal for street wear. Pair it with matching soft pants or wear it as an extra layer on cooler days!

Many patterns and styles may already be familiar, as the drop as a whole was born from a rethinking of previous pieces. The ROCKAWAY and SILK TOUCH patterns have already decorated previous pieces, and the iconic ZIA Budapest CRUZ V-cut could not be left out. Drop is timeless not only because of its cut lines, but also because of the selected materials: from cotton to viscose blend to high-quality artificial leather. As for the accessories: two oversized tote bags can complement our autumn sets, which are practical on rushed mornings due to their huge size, and the traditional baseball cap is available in four new colors: pink, snow white, khaki and rust brown.

Timelessness, sustainability, modern functionality and clean aesthetics: these are the words to describe ZIA Budapest's third Back to Work drop! You can find the pieces on the brand's webshop and in the ZIA Budapest showroom & atelier (Bp. 1054 Széchenyi utca 12. - Tuesday: 3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m., Friday: 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m., Monday, Wednesday, Thursday - upon registration/at a pre-arranged time).

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