Autumn signature pieces

At ZIA Budapest, we often talk about basic pieces, as the brand represents a timeless, clean style, so the drops and runway collections mostly consist of well-utilized, basic pieces. At the same time, it is important that every wardrobe has a place that stands out, and it is impossible to just walk down the street without them: they will bring your wardrobe to life, they will make you excited when you look in your closet in the morning. Now the main role is for statement pieces, we present our three autumn favorites!


What is ZIA Budapest's favorite piece of clothing? Next to kimonos are overalls, and not by chance! Jumpsuits - like dresses - are perfect for those days when you don't feel like thinking about how to dress, but you still want to spend the day in a catchy outfit. All you have to do is put on this overall with your favorite sneakers and autumn jacket, and you're ready to go! The unique pattern makes it unforgettable, and the material of the 100% quality viscose blend is super comfortable, making it ideal for sophisticated home wear.


This raincoat is the fall version of the summer drop best-seller, the ROCKAWAY SHIRT DRESS, which is made for the current whimsical weather. This raincoat is not only a stylish extra layer that turns even your simplest outfit into a cool outfit, but also a practical accessory that you can always keep with you in your bag in case it starts raining. Wear it with its complementary pair, the also waterproof ROCKAWAY BUCKET HAT for a really striking effect!


If you like the ROCKAWAY RAINCOAT, but for now you feel it is too big to wear yourself, then here is the ROCKAWAY 2.0 MINI OVERSIZE SHIRT! Its pattern is as bold as the raincoat, but as a shirt it is not so pronounced as if you were to cover your whole body with it. The oversized cut and the soft 100% cotton material ensure that this style looks good on everyone. You will love it, because even with your most boring basic pieces, the end result will be tastefully eye-catching.

Didn't you find your new autumn favorite? Click here to access all ZIA Budapest statement pieces, take your pick!

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