Summer In The City Zodiac Game

We invite you to play! Whether you believe in the esoteric or not, you can't argue with how much fun these games are. We have collected according to star signs, to whom we would like each piece from the latest Summer In The City drop. Find your own zodiac sign and let's see how well we hit the nail on the head!


A man of arts and sciences, Aquarius will surely feel right at home in the grey-blue RUE ET FLEUR OVERLAPPING KIMONO, whose addition of binding, exaggerated cuffs reflects even the rebellious self of the zodiac sign.


The wardrobe of the eternal designer and purposeful Capricorn cannot be without practical accessories. The ZIA Budapest TRADEMARK CAP is not only cool, but always comes in handy in the summer heat, and you can choose from 9 different colors.


We found the perfect dress for the passionate and free-spirited Sagittarius: MOVIN OUT KAFTAN DRESS. The airy, oversized cut leaves enough room for impulsivity, while the viscose blend material provides comfort for the busy life of a Sagittarius.


For the unapproachable Scorpio, nothing would be more ideal than an oversized but elegant blouse. The fresh green color and modern back cut of the OVERSIZE CRUZ SHIRT is hard to resist, just like the allure of the scorpion.


All of us are sometimes indecisive when getting ready in front of the mirror, so we don't even dare to think about how the scales might feel at this time. The ROCKAWAY OVERSIZE SHIRT DRESS can be worn both as a shirt and as a dress, so it already offers two options for a considerate balance.


The precise and persistent Virgo needs a piece with a clean style and minimalistic lines to achieve her goals effectively. The beauty of TOUCH JUMPSUIT lies in its simplicity, and it will certainly not waste the virgin's precious time, as it can be combined with anything.


Cancer is emotional and sophisticated, just like TULUM KIMONO, which always provides a refuge for Cancer when it is disappointed in reality. It takes its place in the comfort of the home, on vacation and on weekdays, so the cancer already has a certain point.


The brown pattern of the TOUCH TOP evokes overwatered brush strokes, in which fish with an element of water and an artistic soul will surely find joy.


How can you be the center of attention with just one summer top? With the vibrant willow green TOUCH TOP, it is impossible to blend into the crowd, so it is guaranteed to be a lion's favorite.


The bull's enviable sense of beauty clearly calls out for the TOUCH TOP in sophisticated olive green, and the hand-crafted shoulder piece makes this piece even more attractive for the zodiac sign.


Of course, the slightly eccentric twins have one of the most special pieces of the Summer In The City drop: the golden brown RUE ET FLEUR JUMPSUIT. The straps on the back can be adjusted as desired and it is made of a quality viscose-silk mixture - it will be a favorite of the twins.


The pattern of the VISION LONG KIMONO harmonizes nicely with the inexhaustible energies dormant in Aries and its goal-oriented lifestyle. Its length and bold colors command authority, just like the whole being of the ram.

You still don't like what we intended for you? You may click here for the entire collection and find the one that best suits your personality!

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