ZIA Budapest summer staples

ZIA Budapest prefers quality basic pieces, drops represent a timeless style. With such a palette, getting ready in the morning is child's play, as the ZIA Budapest pieces harmonize pleasantly with each other. If you have only just started creating a conscious wardrobe, or you would like some ideas for an eternal summer wardrobe, then our blog post is for you!


The MAXI DRESS is a real summer joker! If you don't feel like it or have time to think about a striking set, then you just need to wear this dress with a pair of sandals, and the stylish summer look is ready! Choose in bright grass green, cotton, beige with golden stripes or striking TULUM pattern, thanks to their viscose blend material, they are easy to wear even on the hottest days!


Classic style in eight different colors: this is the ZIA Budapest TRADEMARK CAP. A traditional baseball cap is an eternal staple regardless of the season, but on summer days it is not just an extra accessory to your set, as it also protects you from the harmful rays of the sun.


Everyone needs a summer statement piece. The ROCKAWAY OVERSIZE SHIRT DRESS is one of the best choices, as you can wear it as a shirt or a dress depending on the weather and your mood, and the dramatic pattern will instantly dress you up. Pair it with simple pieces to make the bold pattern really stand out!


The TOUCH TOP was your favorite last year, so we brought it to you this year as well - now in seven different versions - as a simple but stylish top is a must-have for every summer wardrobe! Another special feature is that it is made with zero waste tailoring techniques, so its production does not produce unnecessary textile waste.

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