#ZIASQUAD - This is how influencers wear ZIA Budapest pieces!

In the life of the brand, the greatest joy and recognition for us is always when we can see the pieces we dreamed up in real life, fulfilling their function. We are always curious to see how you incorporate each piece into your own wardrobe, how you pair them, and how it all comes to life with your personality. Use the #ZIASQUAD tag when sharing so we can see the super sets too!

This time we come with a selection of #ZIASQUAD outfits; we have collected in a bouquet the pieces that are included in the current CHRISTMAS SALE so that you can get your favorites at a discount. Choose a sustainable, Hungarian designer piece this Christmas!

We also prepared a small gift: buy at least 40. 000 HUF on the ZIA Budapest webshop, and we will give you an accessory of your choice! If your basket value exceeds 40. HUF 000, all you have to do is choose your favorite. Add it to your cart and the gift amount will be deducted automatically!

The OVERSIZED CRUZ SHIRT is a ZIA Budapest best-seller, so we made black, black 100% silk, white and patterned version as well. Its transparent material offers countless styling options, and layering is essential in winter anyway, but we have good news for cold-weather fans: this piece is also available in a winter version, made of wool blend material, in a stylish olive green color.

We love @fridajuszku's blood minimalist set, the uniqueness of which lies in its simplicity; the top-to-toe black look emphasizes the airy, playful nature of the top. @bobemusicofficial decided to let her top design prevail, so she only wears modest jewelry with it, and how well she did!

Left: OVERSIZE CRUZ SHIRT - printed zebra


The WINTER STUDIO JACKET is an iconic ZIA Budapest piece! It's no accident: whatever style you represent, you can be sure that it will become a timeless staple in your wardrobe. The oversized style allows you to comfortably throw it over your shoulders for any outfit - in winter under a jacket, and in better weather as a last, extra layer.

We simply can't get enough of @hajduszonja's casually attractive set, which is perfect for this year's New Year's Eve party! This look is the perfect proof that, contrary to popular opinion, oversized pieces are even sexier than tight styles. And @evelindelne used the plunging neckline for exciting material pairings, combining this iconic jacket with an unexpected leather top.


The WINTER STUDIO CROP JACKET is a real joker, as it instantly brightens up even the simplest outfit. Your favorites, so only a few pieces of the artificial leather and brown wool blend variants are available! And it's impossible to go without the ROCKAWAY OVERSIZE SHIRT DRESS, the edgy pattern makes it a statement piece, and thanks to the oversized style, winter layering is child's play.

@evelindelne perfectly captured the French urban chic vibe, and @bencecsalar subtly steered our favorite shirt dress in a western direction, keeping the urban character of the look.



Would you like to choose further? Take a look around the CHRISTMAS SALE pieces, now you can get your favorites with up to 60% discount!

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