Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana mentoring program

The first Hungarian mentoring program of the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency, which helped the participating fashion brands with the necessary knowledge for domestic stability, has ended. Six of the mentees are already among the designers of the international mentoring program starting in April, and through online consultations they are acquiring the knowledge essential for international success. In the meantime, applications for the next Hungarian mentoring program of MDDÜ have already started.

The first Hungarian fashion mentoring program has ended, during which ten talented domestic designers were given the opportunity to acquire the business, strategic and marketing knowledge necessary for brand building and development from recognized domestic professionals. The experts mentored the participants in the framework of workshops and personal meetings, who can now continue to build their business with adequate knowledge. Completion of the program contributed to the creation of economically stable and successful brands. Six of those who complete the program can further develop their business in the international mentoring program, according to the professional decision of the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, preparing them for the challenges of markets beyond the country's borders. While the Hungarian mentoring focuses on the knowledge necessary for stable domestic operations, the international program helps the participants with knowledge that promotes success in foreign markets, contributing to increasing their export activity and thereby strengthening the country's image.

The mentees selected by the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana - ZIA, MERO, Alma Vetlényi, NINI, Kata Szegedi and THEFOUR will complete the program at the end of 2021, after which they will be able to present the potential of their products on international markets. Due to the virus situation, the workshops and one-to-one meetings started online. The further steps of the program - factory visits and further professional consultations - can be continued by the mentored brands considering the current virus situation.

During the program, taking professional aspects into account, the mentors make a decision about which brands are ready for their first big foreign appearance: the designers they selected will represent our country at the next Milano Fashion Week event, at which a permanent exhibition , as well as in a fashion show, they can present their collection to the trade, buyers and journalists, opening the way for international sales opportunities.

"We are very happy that the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana found six brands from among the Hungarian mentoring participants suitable for inclusion in the international mentoring program. All this pointed out that the training program managed by Hungarian experts provides an excellent basis for international mentoring and that the participants receive all the necessary knowledge to even think about expanding abroad after stabilizing their business at home. – said Zsófia Bata-Jakab, head of the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency.