4 special patterns for even more exciting sets

With the debut of the Back to Work drop, we once again welcomed remarkable patterns that you can use to add character to your clean wardrobe. The ZIA Budapest drops are built in exactly the same way: minimalist basic pieces, which are made interesting by the styles, quality materials and versatile solutions, complemented by a few cool, patterned pieces. In today's blog post, we show you how you can style the four samples of the Back to Work drop, and we even asked the designer, Anette Csizmazia, what she thought about the pieces!


This overall is very simple in terms of styling, since you don't even have to deal with the top and bottom. If the weather turns cooler, feel free to wear a tight, white bodysuit underneath, even with long sleeves, or use as home wear so that you can feel like a Hollywood diva while hanging out in the apartment.

"Due to its tailoring, it cares and covers if you want, but it can also highlight your waist with the built-in elastic waist. The material of this piece evokes the touch of silk. I am sure that many people will ask where it is from. :)"- Csizmazia Anett, founder and designer of ZIA Budapest


Classic cut T-shirt, unrepeatable pattern! The Back to Work drop t-shirt has a truly unique pattern, as each copy is hand-made, and with batik it is impossible to make exactly the same pieces. If you choose this, he will definitely not meet you on the street. You can pair it tastefully with anything, but you can't go with black and white pieces; 10/10 cool!

"The handiwork of my favorite colleague Dia, all our pieces are unique." - Anett Csizmazia, founder and designer of ZIA Budapest


We have arrived at the most versatile piece: the animal print raincoat! The styling possibilities are limitless here, as the poncho-like jacket flashes the pieces worn underneath with each movement. If you combine the ROCKAWAY pattern with light colors, it makes it even more striking, while paired with dark shades, the pattern looks more solid, but is more effective. Extra tip: as it is an oversized style, wear it with tight pieces underneath to create balance and optically elongate your legs!

"A must-have piece for autumn, because of its pattern it never goes out of fashion, we invented its style in such a way that it looks good on all shapes. I wore the sample piece even when I was pregnant, it was still good :)" - Anett Csizmazia, ZIA the founder and designer of Budapest


The pattern of the ROCKAWAY blouse is reminiscent of the resurgent 70s, yet it appears in a form that makes wearing it timeless. We recommend it with a simple black and/or beige pairing, but you can also wear it with other solid-colored pieces.

"The style is timeless, the pattern is cool! My favorite!" - Anett Csizmazia, founder and designer of ZIA Budapest

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