Back to School - ZIA Budapest sets with your favorite jeans

After the Back to Work blog post, we have now prepared a school version of it. We thought about the tight wallet situation of the high school and university years, so we put together all three ZIA Budapest sets with a pair of random jeans, since this is the item of clothing that can be found in everyone's wardrobe. Let's see how we would start the school year!

The RUE ET FLEUR STUDIO JACKET is reminiscent of the iconic ZIA Budapest STUDIO cut, but this time we made it from quality linen material in lavender color. It's a perfect transitional piece that will go great with your blue jeans, and you just need to put on your favorite white sneakers and you can hurry to class. Thanks to the color and special lines of the jacket, your set will not be boring even with basic pieces, but if you still have a feeling of lack, then spice it up with some jewelry and a restrained, nude make-up.

The ROCKAWAY OVERSIZE SHIRT DRESS is the certain joker that instantly dresses up any outfit. Everyone needs a statement shirt like this, as it makes getting ready in the morning a lot easier, and the end result will be impressive and sophisticated even with everyday, sporty pieces - as the example below proves.

With the last set, we paddle into slightly more bohemian waters, preserving the urban chic style. The WINTER STUDIO JACKET is a real basic piece that you can wear on any hurried morning: its earthy color and casual cut looks good with most clothes. And if you're looking for the perfect pack bag for the school years, you've already found it: the OVERSIZE CRUZ BAG absorbs everything, its 100% wool material is durable, and the oversized knotted detail gives character to even your simplest set.

We make it easier to return to education: buy a minimum of HUF 20,000 and choose a free SCRUNCHIE package, TRADEMARK CAP or TOTE BAG! Details and optional gifts can be found by clicking here.

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