Let the latest book of Bence Csalár be yours!

Bence Csalár "Behind the scenes" c. after his book, "Handbook of sustainable fashion" has just been published. his incomplete work, in which, to our great pleasure, the ZIA Budapest is also included. The book guides the reader in depth, yet in a highly visual and entertaining way, through the map of environmentally conscious fashion in Hungary, while also providing the most up-to-date answers to the main questions of sustainability. It is a real must-have from both a professional and a layman's perspective - not least a coffee table book, by the way!

Be yours the bible of sustainable fashion! For the first five purchases over 60,000, we will give you a wonderful book by Bence Csalár, in which you can learn everything about sustainable Hungarian fashion.

For us, environmental awareness is important from the beginning, which is why we design in the spirit of the slow fashion movement. From time to time, we re-examine our design processes in order to be even more sustainable. We also try to educate our audience, because it is often still unclear why a designer piece costs more. Our goal is to create garments that can be timeless and practical elements of our customers' wardrobes. Our two main hallmarks are the use of quality materials and timeless, ageless silhouettes, and we also work in large quantities with European deadstock materials (cotton, viscose, silk, recycled polyester, vegan leather alternatives). You can read more here about our sustainable efforts.

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