Which ZIA Budapest STUDIO JACKET suits you?

The STUDIO JACKET is one of the key pieces of ZIA Budapest, which is renewed from season to season. The designer, Anett Csizmazia, brings this character style to life in a slightly different form every time, from the shortened length to the decorated and cut-out back to the pastel models, you can find all kinds of styles, so we understand if the choice is a bit difficult. Today's blog post was written specifically for this: we present all the styles available and how you can effectively incorporate them into your wardrobe.


Only a few pieces of the WINTER STUDIO CROP JACKET are available in artificial leather or quality wool blend material. The slightly shorter style, the decorative strap, and the V-cut, which is beneficial for everyone, give the piece its character. Shades of brown can easily be incorporated into any wardrobe: white highlights earthy colors beautifully, but feel free to pair them with other earthy colors, black or shades of green, red or blue!


If you like the clean but specific design of WINTER STUDIO JACKET and CITY LEGACY 2.0 STUDIO JACKET, then one thing is for sure: you will not get bored of these pieces! Both can be used very well, as they are basic pieces, so they can be easily styled, and thanks to the oversized cut, you can wear them over several layers and thicker materials. In terms of color matching, the same applies as for CROP pieces.


The reimagined STUDIO CROP COAT of the CITYLEGACY 2.0 runway collection is now made of 100% wool, in a delicate blue color, with a fringed back decoration. Another pastel piece is also available, the RUE ET FLEUR STUDIO JACKET in the popular lavender color, made of linen. These are restrained shades, so they cannot be called a statement piece, but they define your outfit much better than the previous, earth-colored jackets. You shouldn't shy away from these colors either, as they can be paired with more things than you think: you can wear blue with anything, and surprisingly, lavender also looks good with any color - we wouldn't recommend black alone.

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